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If you like great tea that tastes sweet and fresh, then you understand our story. Sleepy Road Farms may sound sleepy, but we get up early and go to bed late just thinking about how we can share our tea, soap and lotion with the world! We organically grow our own high grade chamomile. We never buy from other suppliers. The chamomile flowers are picked daily, and we dry each batch for freshness and purity. Chemical fertilizers and sprays are never used and no pesticides. Our bath soaps and lotions are handmade using all natural ingredients of the highest quality. The chamomile tea is fresh, powerful and full of natural benefits only chamomile can provide. We are not certified organic, but we grow our chamomile using organic farming practices. We're a small family owned business in the heart of Ballard Canyon, Santa Barbara, California.

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We make small batches of tea, soap and lotion to ensure the quality of our products.

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